The invitation cards should reflect the theme and style of your wedding.

The invitation card reflects the tone of your wedding. A beautiful and exclusive invitation card gives a signal of a generous wedding-to-be.

Send the cards six weeks before the wedding. If the wedding will take place during high seasons, it is better to send the cards earlier.

Important information should be mentioned in the invitation cards, such as:

  • Rightly spelled and complete names.
  • Dress code. Black tie, tuxedo etc
  • Place, date, time and a map to the wedding site.
  • Place, date, time and a map to the wedding reception.
  • Reply cards. These cards can be sent with your invitations with a self-addressed stamped envelope.
  • Toastmaster. Contact info.
  • Hotel. Rooms can be booked for overnight-staying guests.
  • Present list. Where you can find the present list.

Traditionally, the host of the wedding send the invitation cards.