Gold wedding bands

Gold wedding bands for your wedding

A wedding rings or a gold wedding bands is a metal rings, generally of higher value, which is exchanged between the bride and the groom in their marriage ceremony, indicating that they are married. However, before the 20th century, only the wives were supposed to wear the wedding ring. Normally it is worn on the left or right ring finger. Often wedding rings are made of gold, generally 9 carat or 18 carat. However they are also made of other precious metals and stones such as platinum, ruby, diamond, and much more.

Basically in Christian weddings the culture of wearing gold wedding bands has been a tradition. Today the expensiveness of the wedding ring is a way of speaking as to how much love and stature is shared among the couple. Different types of wedding rings or gold wedding bands are worn by married people across the globe. Some couples prefer to wear really simple wedding rings or bands, which is just a round piece of beautiful gold without much design on its body, while others prefer their ring to be stylish. Today, to make the ring more precious, the ring is made of gold or platinum with a top of either diamond or sapphire or other precious stones studded on it. It is also a way to show how much love is shared amongst them.

It has forever been said that a woman’s best friend is her accessories. Therefore, the more beautiful the ring is, the happier she is. In some parts of the world, like India, some women may wear a ring in their toe, rather than in their hand. Also iron bangles are worn by the eastern part of the country, whereas in Romania, gold or silver bangles are worn by the females. So couples can buy a wedding ring depending on their tradition and personal preferences.

simple elegant gold wedding bands for women